Friday, January 28, 2011

diana, susannah, emeline, arabella, alfie and oscar

oil paintings on wood blocks
size varies - approximately 3.5 by 4.5 inches
$100 each in my shop
1. diana, 2. emeline, 3. arabella, 4. amelia, 5. alfie, 6. clifton

The above photos are a selection of my available little portrait blocks - I currently have 14 (plus two custom options) for sale in my shop. For some time I've had a goal of actually showing up at an art show with a full booth, I think I only really achieved this goal one time at my first ever show at the Bellevue art festival something like nine years ago now but I'm really going to try to do it again this year.  With that goal in mind I'm working on creating a bit more of a steady stream of these little paintings to try to build up a bit of an inventory in a slower calmer way than I generally go about things but of course I can't imagine having the patience to just hold onto things as I wait for a show so I'll be listing them all in my shop as they are finished. 


For the past few months - or should I say year or perhaps always - I've been terrible about responding to blog comments.  Sorry about that and I'm trying to remedy it, going through and replying to all the old ones and starting now replying to them as they come in so please do feel free to comment or ask questions or just say hi in the comments and I'll say hi back.  Promise.

Thank you to all who've already purchased pieces from the series I posted yesterday - so happy to see half of them have already sold before the show's opening - if you had your eye on one you might want to head over to the enormous tiny site now.


sMacThoughts said...

I've always loved your art.... and hope I can buy one one day. Congrats on the enormous tiny show; that's amazing!

amanda blake said...

thanks so much. i've had your work in my etsy favorites for years, adore your polaroids.

rachel said...

i love you paintings! especially alfie. someday i shall open a blogshop too:)