Monday, January 31, 2011

suddenly the color of the sky reminded louisa of all the dreams she had ever forgotten

original oil painting on birch panel
eight by ten inches

several months ago i turned over one of my panels and saw this title scribbled on the back.  i'd been sure enough of the concept that i skipped my usual places to jot down ideas while i think them over (on my easel, on my desk, on my wall, in the margin of one of my dictionaries of superstitions or occasionally in my sketchbook) and had gone straight to writing the title on a panel, an action i generally reserve for finished pieces but then somehow i forgot completely about it, which i guess is rather perfect.  now that i've finished the piece i have to wonder if i'll ever remember when the idea came to me. 


i added an email subscription box on this site and in my shop so you can have my blog posts or the latest additions to my shop emailed to you.

i added one more little block to the shop today - maureen


RAKU. said...

esta me encanta,Beautiful

Fanny said...

Beautiful ! I love !

amanda blake said...

thank you.

a.e. said...

Wow--what a wonderful image! I feel like I'm stalking you, but I'm just absorbing your wonderful work. :)

koala said...

Your work is so beautiful tells so much things...