Thursday, December 4, 2008


acrylic, watercolor, and pencil on poplar

i'm always trying to find new ways to do original affordable work and he's part of a batch added to my shop today all $50. and under. sometimes i just can't bring myself to work on any grand scale while trying to manage the little ones and i've been doing quite a bit of commission work lately which needs the small bits of time i do have to concentrate on what i'm doing, these little ones just come naturally, no thought, no planning, sometimes that's best.

some other things:
roman candle (scroll down to see their ep cover)
etsy shop local oregon


Elizabeth Bauman said...

The album cover looks great. Congrats!

tangled sky studio said...

great idea on the mixed prices....i love the idea of everyone being able to own original art (instead of prints) and think you've found a great way to do that...
congrats on the album is an absolutely gorgeous painting. is it just me or do mmany of the girls you paint look like you??? have a great weekend-

Anonymous said...

Just love the looks your extended family has.They all tell such stories in those looks. I start my day seeing who has stepped forward on your blog.
Just lovely.
And I see the resemblance to.
Nancy A.

Kayla coo said...

I too love the miniture art work.x

amanda blake said...

thanks and yes the paintings look like me, i look like the paintings, i just can't help it. i've seen myself enough that i'm naturally my own model and once i've painted girls with braids and puffy sleeved shirts enough it starts to become normal to me and i start copying the paintings.