Thursday, December 11, 2008

alice and clover leave the forest

oil painting on birch panel
12 inches square

this painting was started so so long ago and unlike many other pieces that just sit in my studio never to be finished i finally did finish it for two reasons: first i just loved the way emily (the one with the braids) turned out and couldn't leave her sitting in the pile of unfinished paintings and secondly i wanted some new work to show to go along with a project i was asked to be a part of and this just seemed so fitting.

the sister project in the words of its creator Margaret Roach is "a blog network or family of related blogs: sister blogs, you might say." featuring the writings of Margaret Roach, Paige Smith Orloff, Anastasia Smith and Marion Roach Smith, it's a beautiful mix of blogs, galleries and reference centered around the idea of sisterhood, i recommend taking a look around and of course visiting my gallery page featuring an interview about my work and sisterhood.

lately i have to say i've really fallen in love with my computer - i love etsy, flickr is endlessly inspiring, adore my google reader full of so many wonderful blogs... working at home with two very small children and much time spent discussing the intricacies of dinosaurs, bactrian versus dromedary camels, and the sounds of letters the link my computer provides me to the greater community of artists is invaluable and so i'm thrilled to be one part of the many that make up the sister project. i also have been trying to be a good part of this community by adding a links page that i plan to expand greatly as time allows but for now it's a start.

and here's another little item that's part of being a good part of the blogging community:
the rules were to list five things about myself and tag five other people which sorry but i just can't do it but in the spirit of linking to other blogs i encourage you to visit my flickr contacts, my etsy favorites, and you can also find great blogs by clicking through and seeing who has commented on previous entries here, so here are my five:
1. i don't know my left from my right
2. if you asked me i'd say that i hate the color purple but i keep buying purple clothes and painting pictures with purple in them, so i guess maybe not.
3. i was once hit by a car while crossing a street and have a little piece of goldhawk road, london in my hand as a memento.
4. i was married on the greek island of amorgos by the mayor of the island.
5. i collect snowglobes but they have to be the old cheap kind with snow not glitter and the baby blue backgrounds.


Margaret said...

I loved learning your five things, and as always just seeing more of your work on my visit today. Emily did, indeed, come out really well. Thanks for sharing your creativity and your sister story with The Sister Project, where I hope we will see you regularly.

Anonymous said...

Another grand morning another grand piece of art. Such a nice way to start my mornings.Thank you.
I just love the mystery of your paintings.
Now to get to my art work.

Kayla coo said...

I used to live just off the Goldhawk road.Is it the same one near Sheperds Bush?
I too am inspired by the many wonderful artist on flickr and etsy and your one of them.
It's fantastic to see work that we would never have been able to see before the internet.
Michala x

Kathrine said...

Hi Amanda!

Loving your blog and of course your wonderful artwork.


tangled sky studio said...

i like the bear....
and thanks for the 5 things.

amanda blake said...

thank you all.
margaret- thank you for having me, i'm happy to be a part of it.
michala- yes, i lived there briefly in '95, melrose court apartments on goldhawk road.
beth - you are welcome, it's one of those types of things i'm terrible at, get a bit nervous talking about myself and absolutely awful about never commenting on other people's blogs but i always like reading other people's lists of 5 things so i'm glad i finally did it.

Debi! said...

Thank you for sharing a part of yourself...

I love your work... it feels good.
Brings emotion to my soul, and inspiration to keep creating.

Thank you. Debi