Monday, November 24, 2008

four girls no. 5

oil painting on birch panel
24 inches square

those who follow the link on the photo to flickr may notice the slightly different title. i often work in series and when the basic idea is the same i like to title and number them. i don't however like to be organized enough to go through my records and check that i'm numbering them correctly, i'm lazy. so most series skip numbers, lots of numbers to try to ensure that there aren't two with the same title. i'll do a painting and know i've done a couple in the series so i'll title it no. 6 for example just to be safe and in this case i have the actual painting to check the number on the back but that was too much work the other day so hence the new number on flickr. long explanation for really not much...

about the painting; it's based on an old photo i have that i'm absolutely in love with. generally when i'm inspired by photos i might do the sketch from the photo and then put it away, never wanting it to be too close to life, but in the case of the four girls it is much more true to the actual photo. it's all about the dynamic of that group and that girl in front with the rabbit fur coat, i love that rabbit fur coat.

also those who have followed my blog for sometime or gone through the archives might recognize that i've shown this one before, i decided since i'm writing about the pieces now and i don't always have new work to show i'll be going through the available pieces i have around my home and posting them again with a little something about them.

painted in 2007


Sharon said...

I love this painting! The colors and the composition give it an ethereal feeling to me.

I had a white fur coat similar to this when I was a child, and I loved it too. I have a picture of me in it at a Christmas program in church.

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of the girls I grew up with. The four of us all so different. Always the struggle who was leader.All living next door to each other.
I love the background. It looks like another painting behind this one. Lots of depth.
I love that you are sharing your thoughts and work. Starts my day off on a good note.

amanda blake said...

thank you. it shows a bit more of my background doing abstract than most of my work does which is fun to do every now and then. and most of my larger work has something else under it, i like the depth of other colors coming through and the bits of texture.

mette said...

beautiful. i love this painting. have you ever read the lives of girls + women - alice munro? it came to mind when i first saw this piece. i think i have stopped by everyday since you posted it! i just love it.

emily said...

If Flannery O'Connor's stories are ever illustrated, I hope they ask you (though I think it might be too intense to have her work illustrated - but your style would fit beautifully). Charles Dickens, too. I recently found your work and love it.

Paula Villanova said...

I know what you mean about the numbering series thing...I recently completed a small series and I hope my recent numbering of each painting is the one that sticks! I just found your blog and love your work.

amanda blake said...

thank you all and i'll definitely try to find that alice munro book and finally read some flannery o'connor i've been thinking i need to start reading short stories due to my complete lack of time these days it takes me so long to finish anything and half the time i just get sidetracked and never finish.