Monday, November 10, 2008

anna believed she could control the world

oil painting on birch panel
6 inches square

it is bad luck to pass by a black feather without sticking it upright in the soil.


m. heart said...

i've never heard that, but i'll be keeping my eyes open for black feathers now. love this painting.

Anonymous said...

I love it.
Her look. The dress. The background.
All come together.Just marvelous.

Kayla coo said...

A beautiful painting.

tangled sky studio said...

just what i need...another superstition! this is beautiful and soft...i love it.

Sharon said...

I never heard this about a black feather either. I ususally bring them to the house for my feather stash. :)

I really like the painting and I love your titles. I'm still smiling about Albert being suspicious of his imaginary friend. :)

Terrific work you do!

Paige said...

I had no idea! I have tons of black and black spotted feathers EVERYWHERE (this is what happens when you keep chickens!) I'm going to be madly sticking them upright from now on!

Caf said...

Fabulous concept and title and a very endearing painting....lovely :)

amanda blake said...

thank you. it was an idea that was kicking around for some time, i was quite happy with how it came together and i spend so much time reading about superstitions that luckily i don't follow them or i'd really be unable to do anything at all.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking of finding a black feather in a parking lot. I pick it up and go to place it in the only little green area I can see. As I get to the small green area I see other black feathers already there, sticking up in the dirt.

amanda blake said...

nancy, i love that idea, i might have to steal it.