Monday, November 17, 2008

norma always wore the perfect outfit

oil painting on birch panel
18 inches square
commissioned piece

this is norma. commissioned pieces are such a different way for me to work and i spent many months working with thankfully very patient people slowly getting this piece just right. i've documented the process and written a bit about it here. i grew quite accustomed to the painting and photos of norma around my studio and think she will likely show up in my work from time to time.

also on the subject of commissions, i've decided to start offering the little people as custom pieces you can get your very own little person portrait here.


Cotton Picker said...

A wonderful painting and very interesting step by step photos on your Flickr site.

Sally said...

This is so very beautiful. I am fascinated by your work.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful a process. It turned out perfect.The outfit was just the thing.The way you put it together just beautiful.

tangled sky studio said...

as usual i am in awe and totally ga-ga over this painting...thank you for opening up your studio and sharing your process.

Caf said...

beautiful it!