Friday, November 5, 2010

so much newness

not yet titled
10 inches square
oil on birch panel

today is the day when all the deadlines come to an end.  a series of new acrylics is dropped off at noun, several new pieces are available at sebastian foster, and piles of prints are packaged and varnish is drying on new paintings for the little winter market this weekend. 
so if you are in portland definitely go by noun on SE Belmont, it's a lovely shop and i've sent a series of 13 pieces many of which are quite a bit different than my usual work.  
Also you Portland people must make it down to the little winter sale at The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel.  It's going to be an absolutely lovely market.  The website has information about all the vendors and also a little meet and greet party happening tonight at West Elm.  


jill said...

this is lovely, I love the quality of these paintings

cara. said...

great meeting you this weekend! the conversation was really good. love your work and hope to meet up with you sometime.

Narnia said...

just discovered your paintings and really feel for them.. the word "snowdome" comes to mind..
thanks for sharing and hope to see lots more

justineandcow said...

Beaucoup de poesie... I LOVE

toronto painting said...

Nice painting, Lovely designed.