Monday, November 22, 2010

lucy waits for spring

oil painting on birch panel
14 inches square
$1200 available through sebastian foster gallery

another lucy painting, one of my favorite series. as always with the series this piece is exploring themes of hope and the searching for answers in nature and this one in the series is really about the magical color of the sky and the beautiful light of snow. 
several new smaller pieces of mine are also available at sebastian foster, this is one of my favorites.

other new things:
i've posted photos (they're terrible photos but they get the general idea across) of my work that is available at noun on flickr.
i've added some new hand colored gocco prints to my etsy shop.


mina said...

i love this, the snow looks magical.

graziano tessarolo said...

I love the way you feel the life in your art

Anonymous said...

C'est magnifique!!!!!!!!


renilde said...

I always enjoy to see your new work, beautiful!

Lisa Golightly said...

Amanda, love this. so beautiful!

amanda blake said...

thank you.