Thursday, March 11, 2010

even as the night closed in around her flora remained fearless - original oil painting on wood

oil painting on birch panel
6 inches square

had a bit of a difficult time getting a good image of this one but though i think this is a bit yellow it definitely gets the feeling of the piece across. not really too much to say about this piece other than i really love it and it might just inspire me to do a few more landscapes without people again soon.

last month i posted a piece that i was having the most difficult time titling and finally settled on "marion and robert with pink clouds", the other day i decided to move the painting and noticed i'd already had a better title written on the back so it's now titled - "marion and robert lived in a world of pink clouds and crimson poppies". just a small example of the spaciness i've been combating lately. i've been sick and just been trying to plow through it but it ended landed me in bed the last few days and while i think i'm really on the upswing this time please anyone that's waiting on emails from me excuse how slow i've been for the last few weeks and if it's really been awhile it's possible it was lost in the shuffle and feel free to email me again.


tangled sky studio said...

i love the doll amanda and the way the girl is holding it....i'm sending good juju your way and wanted to mention that i'm so happy to know someone who uses longer titles than i do...they're fabulous.


Diana said...

She's beautiful! I can certainly relate to forgeting titles. If I don't write them on the back... gone.
Sending healing energy.

splurge said...

i love the texture and the depth in the background of this painting...amanda and her doll make it even more beautiful. get well soon!

Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

I like the way you captured the closing darkness. Very nice.Her look and stance sets the whole thing up nicely. Clutching the doll in a protective way.Beautiful as usual.

a.e. said...

Love this one--just the perfect combination of moodiness and despair. Beautiful and sad.