Tuesday, March 23, 2010

as lucy watches, jules collects the first snowflakes of winter

original oil painting on wood (sold)
available as a limited edition print
printed on 250gsm weight cotton rag paper
image size 8 inches square
paper size 10 inches square
signed, titled, dated and numbered on front
edition of 100
availble in my etsy shop

i love superstitions that have to do with the first of something, the color and number of the first butterflies you see in the spring, the first gifts for babies when they are born, the first food you eat in the new year, so many little things that will affect your year or your life.  i think of people waiting all winter long to see the first flower of spring or staring at the sky waiting to see a shooting star and just love the imagery of it.  this painting is one of my own little made up superstitions and i'd say although lucy might be a bit bothered by having to stand in the cold and wait for jules to catch a snowflake when he finally does all of their good luck will be worth it.

happy spring everyone and i hope everyone is enjoying their first flowers and birds and butterflies, i know i am.


Heidi said...

I love it. the redhead in the yellow coat looks just like my sister, sooo talented are you!

Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

She stands as if this is something she has done for years. Love it. I am enjoying the first in my life this year-first Hummingbird,first butterfly..

Blenda said...

Your paintings are so wonderful!
Enjoying spring the best time of year for sure!

Anonymous said...

I love your painings. They tell such fantastic tales.

Lauren said...

God, I love your work.

I was wondering though, how do you get prints of your work? Do you go somewhere or do you do it at home?

Do you scan the artwork, then print it?

kowei said...

Love your work!! You're a poet, especially the way you giving drawings names.: )

Jo said...

I love the titles you give your paintings! Wonderful.