Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mary sailed away from home in a boat filled with flowers - limited edition print

7 inch square image on 9 inch square paper
print of oil painting
edition of 60

mary and "she saw through the night by the light from her crown of stars" are now available in my shop. i think this print of mary is my favorite yet, it's amazing how much it looks like the original.

this painting is based on a superstition of flowers on a boat being bad luck. when i was painting it i couldn't remember if i had read that they were good or bad, it was just the imagery that i was fascinated with. to me it evokes ideas of hope and loss and just feels like a story and feels like it must mean something. and now that i've painted it i'm just in love with the idea of things that are beautiful being bad luck, a new series of work in that.


tangled sky studio said...

hi amanda,
i love the leaves on her dress and the texture apparent through the water. hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


Nancy A. said...

Just lovely.It is a good story.How brave of her to have the flowers. Leaving home can be this way.