Thursday, November 19, 2009

she saw through the night by the light from her crown of stars

oil painting on birch panel
ten inches square
original is sold but now available as a print

i'm happy to be part of the new gallery sebastian foster devoted to "contemporary art from emerging and established artists". my page of original paintings features a selection of some new work of mine as well as some favorites i've previously posted here.
do browse the other artists for some really wonderful work and a big thank you to matte and vivienne for introducing me to such a fabulous opportunity.

i almost forgot to mentiong anything about the piece itself. there's a direction my work is taking lately, something about nature and controlling it and seeing signs in it, can't really place my finger on all of it yet and exactly where it is headed but i'm having fun.

this is yet another where the title came first and once it popped into my head it was already one of my favorite paintings before i'd even picked up a brush.


carmackart said...

Beautiful new piece.
Congratulations on the gallery. I really need to get my own work out of town.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

This might be my favorite piece of yours ever!

Julianna said...

this is just beautiful! possibly one of my favorites as well.
weirdly I just did a drawing with a girl and crown of stars. It must be collective unconscious right now!
However mine did not turn out so lovely and probably won't see much of the light of day

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

Just discovered your work at poppytalkhandmade. Your faces are beautifully ethereal. I've always loved the 3d and flat combination too.

Momo Luna said...

She is beautiful!

amanda blake said...

thanks so much everyone.

david - i resisted the galleries for awhile but if you can find the right fit they can be so worth it.

julianna- so strange how sometimes we all have the same ideas at the same time, i'd love to see your version.

i just made her into a print: