Monday, November 2, 2009

a new website for me

1. when the sea turned to purple they knew they had gone too far, 2. vernon, 3. spencer, 4. linda, 5. jane and catherine, 6. my other project for the day, 7. abigail never cared for the city, 8. beth and adeline on the edge of a poppy field, 9. anthony and isabelle under a meteor shower, 10. she...., 11. joseph and alexander in rose bushes, 12. the tessa series - tessa holding a flower, 13. the butterflies gathered round to protect them from the night, 14. coming soon..., 15. everywhere they went the world turned to gold, 16. clover's imaginary friend travelled by zebra (or something like that, still working it out), 17. martin, 18. cora, 19. sue ellen, 20. caroline carefully arranges everything she holds dear, 21. eloise in poppies, 22. kate, 23. tessa holds a silly little dog, 24. gregory, 25. oliver with a red crown

didn't have a new piece i wanted to post just yet (though much is in progress) so the photo is a mosaic of available work with links to flickr.

it only took a little over two years but i did it, i finally have a new website. it's still a bit of a work in progress but i'm happy with the start.

i feel so fancy and official now.

up next: a blog redo, it's getting a bit cluttered looking. some tweaking to my email list - both frequency and format (want to join, there's a link on the sidebar). some postcards sent to those on my real life mailing list (want to join send me an email). that's probably enough goals for now, hopefully it won't take me another two years.


tangled sky studio said...

hi amanda,
i'm working on (well, mostly thinking about) setting up a website. may i ask if you did your own? i love the format you used as the simplicity really sets off your detailed and colorful work. good luck with the prints....


amanda blake said...

hi beth,
thanks. i used iweb, i'm having a few problems with it (can't get any external code installed for some reason so no stats) but overall really easy. for my last website years ago that i did with a pc i used sitespinner, i think it was only about $45 and it was a pretty easy program as well.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Way to go on the website! I need to fix mine... and by that I mean get my husband to fix it! I can't imagine doing it myself.

Beautiful work as usual. Love seeing them together like that.

anna said...

congratulations on the new site! it's gorgeous.