Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rebecca wore a dress of wildflowers

limited edition print
available through sebastian foster gallery $45.

i think i mentioned it in my previous newsletter and i might have alluded to it here on this blog (i guess i could read either and check but i'm already testing my children's patience just by taking the time i already am to do this post) but in case i didn't announce this coming development here is the official announcement (if you don't count flickr (which i love), twitter (which i'm still figuring out but i predict addiction), and facebook (which i think i despise but i'm still deciding) where i've already announced it...please don't anyone invent any more websites i feel compelled to use) .....
i'm selling prints. thanks to my collaboration with a new gallery (more on this early november) i'm happy to begin selling lovely limited edition prints. i've started with rebecca and ...

when the sea turned to purple they knew they had gone too far
limited edition print

they are large lovely prints on 100% cotton archival paper with 1 inch borders for framing. perhaps my favorite part about them is that the border allows for the title, such an important part of my work and something i've always wished could be seen with my work and now with the prints it can be.

i'm really happy to be selling these and perhaps a bit too eager so i couldn't wait for my supplies for shipping so they won't begin shipping until november 2nd but you can order them now.

the original of rebecca is sold, when the sea turned to purple is available.


Annette Q said...

Oh my goodness, the wildflower dress is amazing! Your art is wonderful :-)

Patricia González Palacios said...

Wonderful works, greetings paty

allison said...

I love the second one, is wonderful!

i brake 4 dreams said...

your work is beautiful! thank you for a lovely and inspiring visit!

love + luck + bliss,

amanda blake said...

thank you everyone.