Friday, October 16, 2009


oil painting on wood block
approximately 3.5 by 5 inches

first of all, wow, where did a month go since i last posted. i really had no idea it had been that long, it's rather incredible how time can just escape like that. i've got a lot in the works right now so expect much more regular updates from me in the near future.

i received a recent request for some of my little portrait blocks with my circus characters, the rest of the little circus folk have already found homes - though i'm still trying to determine adequately circus like names for them all. definitely a series i plan on continuing. i'm quite fond of little spencer, ultramarine blue against pale colors i just think is so wonderful and really how can you go wrong with a little boy in a dark rosy pink striped clown outfit.


tangled sky studio said...

perfect amanda (but i'm a sucker for a party hat)....


Anna said...

Yay, I found you. It's Anna From Siena Painting program with Satoko Okito way back when. I love your work! Keep it up! I'm a high school art teacher and work on my own projects as much as I can.

amanda blake said...

thanks beth.

anna! good to hear from you, been ages. glad to hear you're still doing art and teaching. thanks for getting in touch.