Friday, May 1, 2009

martin and angela

six inches square
oil on birch panel

six inches square
oil on birch panel

i didn't start these pieces as a set so i'm keeping them separate as far as selling but i do feel they sort of belong together. angela actually had a bit more of a title ("angela always overdressed for her walks in the country") but when i saw the two of them completed and next to each other the simplicity of just names seemed perfect, leave them able to tell their own story.


Anonymous said...

So she would always be prepared to meet her true love.
I love these two together. They are perfect .
You have such lovely stories with your "people"
I always enjoy meeting new ones.
Thanks -You gave me a bit of sunshine on a very rainey day...Over five inches now..Man the boats...
Nancy A.

beingbeatrice said...

I love Angela... her outfit is just perfect!