Friday, April 3, 2009

audrey finally reached land

oil painting on wood panel
six inches square

there's something so beautiful to me in the imagery of sailing alone under the stars, it reminds me of fairytales and greek myth - nothing specific just it seems that to sail alone and at night you must be on some grand quest and if i was going on a quest i'd probably wear a formal gown too, you have to be prepared.
also i always enjoy a composition that is just a bit off, something about this one seems sort of wrong and off kilter in just the perfect way, still but with tension - always the goal.


sMacThoughts said...

That sea is a magical blue!

tangled sky studio said...

her gown is just the thing dreams are made of and the plunging neckline...ooh la la! so fresh and fun and relevant...great work amanda....

amanda blake said...

thank you.
i'm always fascinated by the different colors of the sea when i travel - that blue is malta.
and the dress just worked compositionally, couldn't do a round neck with the round hair, a square neck just wouldn't work and it seemed if i was to do a vneck it just had to echo the shape of the sailboat which worked quite nicely in giving her such formal attire - it's great how those simple steps one takes to make a painting work compostionally can work in deeper ways.
i need to find some synonyms for work, don't i?

Anonymous said...

The expression on her face. The direct look she has. She has reached her goal or has she? Now she seems unsure.What will be the next step? There is always such a story to read in these little looks you give "your people." I so enjoy your art.
Nancy A.