Tuesday, March 24, 2009

shop update friday the 27th at 9:00 am PST

i'm trying a little experiment. yes, i'd like everything a bit more organized for me and it seems putting all the new pieces in the shop at once might be easier for me but i also really hope it will be more convenient for people shopping for the new work so i'll try it out this time and if all goes well will start planning for the next update sometime in early/mid april which i will anounce with at least a week advance notice and if it doesn't really work i'll stick with the sporadic unplanned random updates.
and thanks to everyone who made it to the scottsdale arts festival. as always it was a pleasure to be there, see some familiar faces, meet some new people, get a bit of sunshine (i'm always so thrilled by cacti and palm trees being from oregon), add to my growing collection of one my favorite painters, and be honored to receive an award and be invited back for next year.

oops, i was a bit distracted and meant to write when i originally posted this that the update on friday the 27th a 9:00 am PST will be of my etsy shop and will have new portrait blocks, oil paintings, more of the tessa series, and a few little surprises.

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