Wednesday, April 4, 2012

abigail decided it was time to try

original oil painting on birch panel
6 inches square

Over the years I've painted quite a few images with abigail - that link shows just a sampling - I thought it was time for her life to change a bit.  Somewhere out there is a painting titled "abigail never learned to fly" but when I started this one I thought maybe she just never tried.  And what better place than the white cliffs of Dover.


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I'm almost finished with a new larger piece - bioluminescence, northern lights, nocturnal animals, and night blooming flowers.  I do love it.  I'll share it here as soon as it's done.


Oops.  Forgot to add - I've now made it easier to purchase work on a payment plan through my shop - this will tell you all about it.  This only works in my big cartel shop.



Peter said...

I like this blog i love this oil painting Other

Jane said...

Awesome painting , very artistic and I love you titles !

The Painting Ward said...

Very nice...the colors work nicely throughout the composition. I especially like the pink sky:)

susanna said...

Hey there,

I just found you via Susan Tuttle's blog. Your paintings are magical, dream-like. I'm going to peruse your etsy shop and read more posts in a moment.