Thursday, March 22, 2012

In her dreams even the night sky was the color of the sunrise

original oil painting on birch panel
8 inches square

I once had a teacher criticize me (in a not at all constructive or polite way) in front of class for using too much pink in my paintings.   I don't think his critique had the result he was hoping for.


i've started a new series of florals.  these paintings are painted on small blocks of poplar just like my little portrait blocks.  the first three are in my shop and i expect them to be the first of many little pieces that will give a me a break from painting people all the time.

$85. each


While I am not yet a convert to facebook, it's just too much for me to keep up with, I have given in to the fact that people love it and realized it's really not that hard to update my page pretty regularly and respond to people semi-regularly, so if you're into facebook here's the link:



jodi said...

I love the pink in your paintings! (And that's from someone who loathed the colour growing up.) Beautiful work.

d'Arcy said...

I've been eyeing your paintings for two years now. I think this one might need to be mine, Doing my taxes tomorrow...let's cross fingers I get a return!


i love very much your painting . In my hard and may mind is a great felling and my imagination running
thank you

amanda blake said...

Jodi - Thanks. Purple was my color of choice growing up. Painting though i've realized what a strangely complex color pink is - the pink in this painting is two reds, brown, black, two yellows, and white.

d'Arcy - Thanks, best of luck with the taxes.

Frankie - Thank you.

susanna said...

Well, I'm glad you ignored that teacher's advice and kept painting in whatever style, whatever colour you wanted. Your artwork represents who YOU are!