Monday, February 27, 2012

natalie searched the waters depths for answers

original oil painting on birch panel
six inches square

I'm often asked about what happens next in my paintings - do the wings hold them, does she get the answer she waits for, is he going to be okay - and the answer is always the same, yes.  I'm interested in the beauty and mystery found in these often solitary and dark moments of searching and so I paint this same theme again and again.  So many of my paintings portray the moment of darkness where things could go either way for the characters in them and while in a way I don't really care about what happens in the end (I couldn't count how many films and books I've left unfinished because the end just doesn't interest me) in my mind they always go well.  Natalie does find the answers.

"Natalie searched the waters depths for answers" is one of four new six inch pieces I have available through Sebastian Foster gallery.


My prints are now available locally here in Madison, Wisconsin at the Hatch Art House.  A charming shop featuring only art, crafts and jewelry handmade in Wisconsin.


As always there are a few new portrait blocks in my shop but as always they sell fast so if you want to make sure you know about them right away sign up for my mailing list to get emails when new work is added to my shop.

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SimplyShari said...

Sam here...I love how you said the answer is always yes! Life canbe that way if we only believe...the Universe is watching...