Monday, November 28, 2011

she carried with her the sea

8 by 10 inch original oil painting on one inch deep birch panel.
Framed in a custom made dark stained wood frame.
See one of the frames here:

The problem with the format of my blog - post a painting and something about how it was done or what it's all about  - and the order in which I post all my work on line - flickr, my shop, twitter, very occasionally on my neglected facebook page and then eventually here - is that when I finish a piece if I don't come up with something to say about it fairly quickly it often sells and then I've moved on to the next piece without ever getting around to showing it here.  So while I currently can not think of anything to write about this piece I'm just going to go ahead and share it anyway so that I get a chance to and so that I get something posted here at least once a month, which is nowhere near as often as I'd like to post but at least it's something.


I have new paintings, block portraits and prints in my shop as well as new paintings available through Sebastian Foster.


If you are in the San Francisco area I now have some of my prints available at press: works on paper.

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Claire said...

i've left a comment on your facebook page... this is too, too beautiful... *sigh*