Thursday, June 9, 2011

he would always be close to her

original oil painting on birch panel
10 inches square

The last in my series of superstition paintings (for right now).  Hair knit into clothing will make a stronger connection between the knitter and the wearer and for sailors the hair will remind them of home.


I've been a bit behind when it comes to some things as of late.  I'm busy preparing for summer shows and I still have Frances at home with my full time and now I'm packing up for a huge move.  This August my family and I will be leaving our beloved Portland, Oregon for Madison, Wisconsin.  My husband will be returning to school and we're all pretty excited about the move - although I do fear the cold.


I've had quite a few people ask about commissions lately - I removed them from my shop because I just don't the time right now but will be adding them back as soon as I'm able - at the earliest October.  I'll be sure to post here when I have the time to work on them again.


Ruth Armitage said...

Congrats to your husband on going back to school. I hope your move goes smoothly :) We will miss you here in the Northwest!

tangled sky studio said...

and i will welcome you to the mid-west.
the cold can be your friend and give you lots of time to paint. so best of luck with all the preparation that goes into a big move (believe me i know) and if your driving to Madison be sure to stop at Custer State Park which is a hidden gem of a state park with wood cabins, lots of free range bison and the crazy horse monument in progress. big changes=big fun in my book.

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B T said...

Love this