Friday, March 11, 2011

she longed for visions of love

8 inches square
original oil painting on birch panel
burning letters to see visions of her true love in the smoke


i have one new print in my shop - every night she sent out messages and waited for an answer


i have a few more little block paintings in my shop.  you can read a little bit about some of them in a recent feature on the my love for you... blog


to my readers in japan - i hope you and your families are safe, take care.


Rowena said...

You are so good. :)

Jefski Samo said...

I like!

jodi said...

I found my way here from Stille Linde's blog, and I've really enjoyed what I've found... brilliant paintings, and interesting words. I'll surely be coming back!

amanda blake said...

thanks so much everyone.