Monday, February 14, 2011

tonight her dreams would be beautiful

original oil painting on wood
eight by ten inches

as i near the final stages of a 36 inch square piece about superstition all the time spent researching ideas for it left me with many ideas that didn't fit into the larger piece so i'll have many new smaller superstion themed pieces to share over the coming weeks.

this piece is about the superstition surrounding dreams and nightmares.  some of the imagery - keys under the pillow, boughs of fir decorating a bed, a necklace of peonies... are ones found in books and some are my own inventions.   while studying art history in college i was often frustrated by the presumptions made about the meaning behind so much of the work we studied but then one day it all clicked the other way for me - i love that just by painting something it gives it meaning and much of my work has been about that idea.  the importance given even the most simple things just by adding them to a painting is so fascinating to me.


working on some new prints - should have three new editions to share soon.


Sweet Mess said...

I really love this new painting. It reminds me of a bedroom of my best friend's great grandmother's house on the coast of Maine...

amanda blake said...

thanks so much.