Wednesday, January 27, 2010

many many drawings and many more things to come

small works on paper
view the entire series on flickr or on my new blog just for them

in an attempt to create a bit of consistency i decided to start a little project this year of a new piece every day and drawing being so much easier than painting logistically it seemed the natural choice. it's been really fun and rewarding completing a piece from concept to being sold and on it's way around the world all in the same day but tomorrow i leave on vacation for 11 days so i'm having to reevaluate. one fabulous suggestion was to simply complete the titles every day and i have to say i love that idea, it is the concept not the execution that is the most difficult part of the project the problem being i've realized catching up on the drawing and listing when i return gets a bit complicated especially when i've already been having some problems staying on schedule due to a broken scanner. so i'm planning some changes to the entire project. i'll be posting a title on my blog every day and filling in the pictures as the work is completed but i will no longer constrain myself to it being drawings or being completed every day. it's actually truer to my original concept that the project be about creating every day rather than about finishing every day. so you can still check my blog daily for a title and the majority of the work will still be drawings so it will still be a fairly constant stream of new pieces but there will be other things as well and lapses and big batches finished at a time as i like to do (which hopefully will also make it easier for people to purchase rather than the at times mad rush when i'm finishing single drawings at a time). so starting today because i'm completely unprepared to be catching a plane at 6:00 am tomorrow and don't really have time to do a drawing visit my new blog daily for an update on my project but not necessarily a finished piece.
so thanks to everyone who has been following the project on my blog, on etsy, on flickr and on twitter and i hope everyone enjoys it as much going forward, i'm thinking it will be even better without the constraints i've placed on myself to this point.
wow, thanks for reading such a long rambling post.


Becka Lynn Lee said...

You are an inspiration. I love this idea and I commend you on reevaluating instead of throwing in the towel. Good luck.

Mary C P said...

Hello Amanda,

I am truly inspired by your paintings and almost as much by your choice of titles. I am a lover of folklore and the characters seem to be in an in between world as in folk tales (that's just my idea).

Best wishes,


Jennifer Morrison said...

I love your work so much, and am glad for the opportunity to follow your process via the drawings. Thanks for sharing.


ps - I'm planning a move this year, and I'm already envisioning some of your works on my new walls.

Johanna Urban said...


I love yor blog, and your work is amazing!!! good job!!!

//Johanna Urban

Susan said...

Just have to say how much I love your work.

my-igloo said...

I love it!! :)

my-igloo said...

I love it !! :) beautiful!