Thursday, November 5, 2009

lizzie and reginald late one autumn night

six inch square
oil painting on birch panel

two posts in one day - so unlike me i know. this piece is already sold but that goes well with what i had meant to post earlier. i've been busy adding older images to flickr and have to admit over the years my record keeping was pretty terribly lacking, so many of the pieces i don't have titles for so if any of you dear readers own any of these pieces i'd love it if you'd leave a comment with the title, thanks so much.

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translucentblue said...

I know what you mean by having so many artworks without titles, sometimes it's hard to summarize everything in words :) But this piece has a sort of 'serenity' feel to it, so maybe that little word can help? By the way, I totally love your style!