Friday, September 11, 2009

penelope and harrison

penelope and harrison

acrylic on wood
about 3 by 5 inches
$100. each

these two blocks and a few other (yet to be properly photographed) blocks are available now in my shop. i'm trying a new look with my photos for the blocks - and while the actual image of the piece is smaller i think it captures the delicacy and lightness of the pieces a bit better, i like it.

still catching up from art in the pearl - thank you to all of you that braved the horrible, horrible weather, really thank you. i have a few commissioned pieces to finish and then i have to say i'm terribly excited to get to paint without the looming deadline of any shows, can't wait to see where it takes me to not feel rushed to produce work. i might even get back to answering emails and blog comments on a regular basis...might.


tangled sky studio said...

...i miss your hand already (but agree they look great on the patterned background). looking forward to seeing more in you cast of characters....


Heather said...

fantastic, love their expressions~