Thursday, August 20, 2009

clover's imaginary friend travels by zebra

oil painting on birch panel
8 inches square

the littlest blake is quite fond of zebras (or "striped fifis" as she calls them) so they've been on my mind lately and i've got a bit of a thing for people standing on horseback, seemed like a good combo.

some of you may have noticed my ever shrinking list of upcoming shows on the sidebar - i'm down to art in the pearl here in portland labor day weekend. i've simply been unable to get enough inventory together to justify the expense and hassle of travel so have unfortunately had to cancel many shows this year. at this point i'm still undecided about next years schedule but i'm thinking it's going to be a small one.

and the new series of imaginary friend prints is still on it's way but i think they will be waiting until october to be finished.


Anonymous said...

Really great. It is a striking painting. Love your work.What a way to travel around.
Nancy A.

Laura said...


laurajean said...

BRILLIANT, as always. :)

Sharon said...

I now have a new favorite! I love it! And your titles always make me smile. I especially like your imaginary friends paintings. Maybe because I had a couple myself. :)

Claire said...

Love the striped socks looking like the zebra's legs!