Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oliver with a red crown

hand colored screen print
edition of 20
approximately 3.5 by 5.75 inches

trying to write this but it's 104 degrees here and somehow my children seem blissfully thoroughly unaware of this and won't stop climbing on me making it rather difficult to think - so the quick summary is here's a new print of mine and it's only $10 and thank you to those of you who subscribed to my mailing list and so were told in a mailing this morning about my new little guy before he was even photographed and went to my shop and already have their own little oliver packaged up and ready to be sent on his way tomorrow...wow, does that even make sense?

hand colored screen print
series of 10
approximately 5.5 by 7.5 inches

and here is that abigail never cared for the city print, complete with a sparkly silver city background, i mentioned i was working on sometime ago. i love her.

and a new series is in the works as well - similar to the tessa and margaret series but with imaginary friends, super fun.


Elizabeth Bauman said...

Love the newsletter, I hope you keep going with them.

Alexandra said...

so beautiful that little boy :)

Anonymous said...

Oliver arrived late this afternoon.He is in a smart frame on top of an antique file cabinet. Looking very spiffy. I can see him from my art desk.I feel we can have a very happy relationship together. Tomorrow is my birthday. This is a very nice gift I got myself.I shall wear my crown tomorrow. We will make quite the couple.LOL
Happy Birthday to me!
Nancy A.

amanda blake said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Nancy, I'm glad Oliver got there in time to be part of the celebrations.

and thank you alexandra and elizabeth.
i think the newsletters will remain, they're pretty darn easy to do and the entire premise of them requires that you don't do them too often so that works for me.

Laura said...

i love his crown.

Horseartist said...

I enjoy your blog, though I don't comment much. I did mention you for an honest scrap award. Carry it on or not, as you wish. :)


mady dooijes said...

hi amanda, gorgeous little oliver- it's also my sons name so i've just ordered one from you- i am very excited! have a great weekend. x mady

mady dooijes said...

i have recieved oliver with a red crown and my ollie is so proud of it, it's given a beautiful spot in his room! mady