Tuesday, July 14, 2009


oil painting on wood block
approximately 3.5 by 5 inches

one of quite a few new little portrait blocks i just listed in my shop. these will be available through thursday when i am emptying out my shop for the salem art festival.
and now might be a good time to explain names in the light of this particularly funny little name, that i am oh so fond of, my current naming inspiration has come from the absolutely wonderful social security administration site where you can browse through the most popular names going back to 1880, so fun, well at least i find it fun, might be a sign i need to get out more.


Kate Gabrielle said...

I think that does sound like fun! When was Lula popular?

amanda blake said...

it was about the 80th most popular name in 1911, so there probably aren't too many lulas around these days.

Elizabeth Bauman said...

I'm just hoping you don't sell too many before the art fair... :) Can't wait to see some in person!

Rowena said...

Lovely lula.

Have you seen babynamewizard.com or nymbler.com?

Both are websites that do fancy things with names.

leslie said...

i hope you keep doing portraits on thru christmas, i am hoping to get a few for presents!!!


shelley said...

i had wondered about your fantastic taste in names!
i love the name Lula.