Monday, June 29, 2009

it's all a terribly delicate balance

untitled when originally posted now "jack and nora together against the world"
six inches square
oil on wood

a balance between my love of the color pink and a strong desire for my work not to be dismissed as cute. between time spent teaching francie to blow bubbles and time spent answering emails. between feeling like skipping out on art shows is a missed opportunity or like it's the best business decision i can make.
all in all the summer is just barely here and already feeling like it's going too fast. i'm painting as much as i can (which is a good thing, don't mean that to sound like work, i really wish i didn't require sleep so i could just paint while the family sleeps, if i had a wish that would be it, well maybe world peace or something altruistic but okay if i had a wish just for me it would be that i didn't have to sleep) and doing my best to stay caught up in the little world of my "online presence" but there just isn't enough time and i've decided to drastically trim back on my travel schedule, so i won't be making it to any of the out of oregon shows for the rest of this year, we'll see about next year, i just don't know. and as for the balance between pink and cute and serious and dark while i'm just going to keep trying my hardest to find that strange place in between.

and as for the title on this piece - here's a great place to finally add a little disclaimer i keep meaning to write: for all of you that read this blog in a reader you much of the time don't see the final result. i have a tendency to hit publish then reread and go back and change little things but at least with google reader that i use you just see that first draft so if you see me mispelling things you can always just give me the benefit of the doubt and assume i fixed it or you can check the actual blog to see if i finally got it right and this piece will probably have a title by morning.

*i've titled the piece "jack and nora together against the world"


Kathleen Daunhauer said...

I am so excited to see your new painting. I have been waiting, checking your blog often......and what a delight. Isn't it sad we must worry about our art being cute....that's why I love the Rufus Wainwright song where he sings, "pretty things,,,,so what if i like pretty things". Wonderful work Amanda!

Anonymous said...

I have visited your site often, and always enjoy seeing what you have come up with. I believe there are many of us that respond to a certain mysterious eccentricity, and that is how I would classify your work. "Cute" never. I remember one of yours was called,(paraphrasing) "she dressed her children in colors of the night." I loved that concept.
I very much admire your work.

Anonymous said...

Love the new work. I really like the title that is there now. I agree never would think of cute to describe your art. Don't get so caught up in what people think.Your work is selling-that should tell you something.
Nancy A.

Kate Gabrielle said...

I actually think "it's all a terribly delicate balance" is a great title!

I don't think your art could ever be dismissed as "cute"... I often think that of my own work, and then think "I'd prefer if I could do art that would be in museums one day, more like Amanda Blake!"

amanda blake said...

thanks for the comments everyone.
it's funny i've been thinking about this since yesterday and the cute thing is all reaction to a single teacher almost ten years ago now that hated my work, it's funny how those things stick. and the real challenge is more about not being cynical, embracing paintings that are about love and about family and naturally my work has a bit of darkness to it, it's rarely totally sunshine and roses but sunshine and roses is okay too and doesn't deserve to be dismissed though that is my own natural inclination, i'm constantly trying to remind myself not to be cynical, it's such an easy way to not really do much thinking...rambling a bit. i'm still thinking it all through. and i hope this blog doesn't end up sounding like i'm thinking too much about what other's think of my work because while the reaction of the viewer is really important to me and a lot of what my work is about in the end i am just painting for myself.
and i think "it's all a terribly delicate balance" will eventually be a title, but a different painting.

Kathleen Daunhauer said...

I can relate to your comment Amanda. I just completed my BFA, and many of my favorite paintings are the ones the prof's didn't care too much for. On the subject of 'meaning', I figure alot of my paintings will make sense to me years from now.

tangled sky studio said...

the sky is warm and embracing and i totally connect with the "terribly delicate balance" title" (and it kinda looks like me and my hubby) in my state of upheaval. curses on self doubt and second guessing're work is amazing and unique!

Kate Blakeslee said...

Im not sure you'll find this buried so many days later after publishing, but I want to reach out and say: HIP HIP HOORAY!! for staying true to your passion for color, the stories told, the lovely, honest faces. never too cute for me! who cares what THEY say! tu arte es buenisimo!