Tuesday, May 19, 2009

jane and catherine

oil painting on birch panel
10 inches square


Maria Confer said...

Saw this on your flickr and I can't get enough. It's just so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

beautiful as always..you have captured a lovely moment. it seems to me MOM is throwing the child into the air to float about-But I am just waking up and need more coffee.
Nancy A.

kslaughter said...

Oh my, the colors, the brushstrokes, the incredible gentleness....I love this!

Anonymous said...

Had more coffee and now I see things right. The child is a floater.Where would we be without coffee. The colors are so just right on. I am so glad I found your blog. Your work always brightens my day.
Nancy A.

amanda blake said...

thank you all.
nancy - i love your takes on it but actually much more simple, just mom holding baby in the air. my little girl is quite fond of any swinging about and so this is a pretty common pose around the house. i do love the idea of the mom either tossing the baby to fly or keeping her from floating away though, definitely good subject matter.

Sam said...

Really lovely work! So glad I've found your blogf!