Friday, April 24, 2009

beth and adeline in a faded landscape

18 inches square
oil painting on cradled masonite panel

this piece was in the works for i'm not sure how long - at least a year probably closer to two. they started on a beach, then came a boat and it became night and then mountains painted with a brocade pattern, then i took out the water and the boat added poppies and bright green grass and made it day again and all the while the thing that seemed the most important was the contrast of their dresses and hair so slowly everything else faded into a soft landscape and here it is...
the other of the beth and adeline paintings had a similar story - they began in a sunny impressionistic olice grove only to eventually end up in a folk art inspired night time field of poppies. funny how that all works.

the shop is all updated and almost every available piece i have is up and as always feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the pieces.

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tangled sky studio said...

They are perfectly lovely! I have done this with a few pieces and always chuckle a little when I send the finished pieces off (it's like they are wearing undergarments that no one can see!)