Tuesday, February 3, 2009

molly in the snow

oil painting on birch panel
six inches square

just a simple six inch piece: snow, crocuses, a house with strange colored smoke, a pink bow in the hair, and a funny little outfit that i'd love to wear myself, just a little collection of some of my favorite things. often that's all the six inches pieces are about for me, just making something nice and simple and enjoyable, no grand aspirations.

there are also a few new tessas up in the shop and little block people on the way, some today or tomorrow and a whole bunch more in the next week as well as a new ten inch piece i'm pretty excited about.

if you are in the LA area and looking for something to do this saturday check out freshstART, i will have this piece there.


Sharon said...

Oh, I just love Molly and her red cape in the snow! I love the expressions on your characters' faces and the calm feelings that your paintings evoke in me. I always look forward to seeing your new pieces. :)

Ann Wilkinson said...

your work is so quietly beautiful. it really speaks to me. i think we were in a treasury together on etsy, and i hearted one of your pieces. i'll keep in touch with your blog.