Friday, February 20, 2009

julianne and harvey

oil painting on birch panel
six inches square

it's that time of the year where i'm working like mad, finishing every in progress piece in my studio, going through all my sketchbooks and completing as many of the ideas as i can, staying up late and getting up early and never changing out of my paint covered jeans so there's a lot of new work but not much brain power remaining when it's all done to write anything about any of it or respond to emails in a timely fashion but i will have pieces showing up here and in my shop on a regular basis and i will have a booth at the scottsdale arts festival with a decent amount of inventory, yeah me, back to work....


tangled sky studio said...

this is lovely amanda...i love the way she has her arms wrapped around harvey (and the fact that she named him harvey....) good luck in scottsdale!

Paula @ Second Studio said...

Oh how I love this one.

Scottsdale ! I sure hope it goes well for you.

amanda blake said...

thanks, i'm still in frantic preparation time, starting to feel like i'm in a total fog due to absolute overload but hopefully it will all be worth it, the first show of the year is so much work.
it's funny with names they can take so long but harvey had no thought to it all, it just was perfect.