Tuesday, October 28, 2008

margaret leads simon into the snowy night

oil painting on masonite
10 inches square
my personal collection

The look and landscape of this piece were inspired (like much of my work) by the illustrations from some of my favorite books - the My Book House series from the 1930's. Margaret is taking Simon out there to leave him, but he'll be alright and I think it's the beginning of his wanderlust.


Anonymous said...

I love that you are writing about the pieces. The look on her face and her stance. The house with warmth and the sky...you capture something. I am just not sure what. Just don't stop painting..
Nancy Gene Armstrong

Sweet Pea said...

Love the sky in this one - very moody and dream-like :)

amanda blake said...

Nancy - thanks, I've struggled with how to do my websites and blog and every year around this time there seems to be a change and this one (adding the writing and a few other things in the works) seems to be a good one for me.

sweet pea - thank you.

tangled sky studio said...

hi amanda,
the sky in this paintings is amazing and simon is unbelievably adorable. i really like the mention of wanderlust...it makes this absolutely fabulous painting totally and absolutely irresistible.
i too struggle with what to write on my blog but i feel like a story can bring so much meaning to a piece...

amanda blake said...

thank you beth.
the writing is something i've gone back and forth with the idea of - really wanting to keep this site more of a straight forward gallery of my work but that just wasn't feeling right - and it just suddenly occurred to me to do it this way - i'm not the type to write about my day to day life in detail but i felt i needed this to be something more so here it is... hope people like it.

mariannealice said...

it's the pom pom that just gets me!(I am quite glad to be reassured that Simon will be OK...)

amanda blake said...

i have to admit i was thrilled when henry knocked this off the wall breaking it just enough for me to justify keeping it, i might have been able to fix it but i couldn't resist and it's the lace up boots on margaret that are my favorite finishing touch to their outfits.