Friday, September 26, 2008

summer is over, yippee.

my booth might not have looked that great but i had a lovely view and the show was a great success. thank you to all of you who visited me at kansas city and at all my shows through the year, i'm looking forward to a nice fall and winter to get new work done, finish up commissions, organize my studio, make some new prints, the list goes on and on. i also should be posting work here and in my etsy shop on a more regular basis with out the constant deadline of shows looming over my head, in fact there's a new batch of work over in the etsy shop now.


Kathrine said...

Hi Amanda!

Glad that you will have a little break. Your work is beautiful.

sMacThoughts said...

I both fear and hope to be as busy as you are, art-wise. Glad the future looks so good for you, and happy to have discovered you. ONE day, I swear your art will hang over here in NYC on my walls. It will happen.

khairun said...

Have to agree with the previous comment...ONEDAY!
Congratulations on the success of your show Amanda

Lisa said...

i smiled when i saw your photo - because i knew just where it was. i lived in KC for 4 years and the architecture and the city is just so beautiful, (isnt it?)
(i had to look at william & sonoma the entire weekend)

i TOO came back from KC with a huge list of things to do throughout the winter/spring. i got one thing done..... I HUNG MY NEW AMANDA BLAKE PAINTING! i will take a photo and share it on my blog soon. :)
we LOVE it!

amanda blake said...

thank you all, and lisa my bird and my little houses found the best home too, i absolutely adore them!