Thursday, April 3, 2008

mary ellen - class of '44 no. 21

so far just pencil on birch panel
24 inches square
a work in progress
other class of '44 drawings available through etsy and petaline


Sandy Mastroni said...

I'm such a big fan of your work !
and thanks for coming by and visiting me.
I'm fascinated by yearbooks too.
I've got a quite a collection of them .
Your work fascinates me !

Reno Rambler said...

I now have three pieces of your work. It's hard not to want to fill the rest of my walls with more. It's a good thing (for me) that we have a small house.

Best to you and keep up the wonderful work.

amanda blake said...

thank you both.

Elizabeth Alley said...

I think I just came across your work on Poppytalk. I love your little paintings and was struck by this one because I currently have a show called "Class of '88". You can see images of it here
Similar idea, different execution.
Keep up the good work!